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We at Sunrise health resort with lots of experience in practice in traditional science of Ayurveda, have a good treatment record in Ayurvedic therapy, Panchakarma, Yoga and Meditation, Stress Management etc. The resort has earned the trust and confidence of a large number of customers all over India and abroad. We are the pioneers in running Ayurvedic Health Resorts, Spas and Naturopathy hospital in India. More...


Management Message

Dr. Aditya Agarwal, a man with the vision in the field of naturopathy. In the 21 st century when whole world was running towards the modern medicinal treatment. Dr. V.K. Agarwal M.B.B.S, DCH, M.D. (naturopathy) & Dr. Er. Aditya Agarwal take in the ancient philosophy. Er. Aditya Agarwal, he is a man of action & believe in experimenting the naturopathy for good health of the people. Being engineer, he takes care of the health resort, operating with all the techniques.


Naturopathy believes in two things:
1.All healing powers are within our body.
2.The treatments are prophylactic that is removing the cause of the disease unlike other systems which treat only the symptoms.


Ayurveda - The Indian science of life, offers a holistic solution for everything; from a healthy lifestyle, food habits and the art of positive living to treatment management and the cure of chronic ailments without any harmful side effects.


The word “Yoga” originates from Sanskrit and means “to join, to unite”. Yoga exercises have a holistic effect and bring body, mind, consciousness and soul into balance. In this way Yoga assists us in coping with everyday ..

Yoga & Meditation

Wellness at The Sunrise Holistic Spa, one of the finest and most holistic spas in the country with a range of fitness facilities and fully equipped gym incorporating elements of design to achieve the full potential of body and mind.

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