Zodiac serves diverse presentation of dishes in an artful manner. “ZODIAC” A Multicuisine Restaurant caters the capacity of an approx. 100-150 pax. Attracts the attention of the entire guest specifically the vegetarian food lovers and health continues people from all over the world, who cares for their health. We specially take care of the hygiene and accordingly gives the awareness to the well-groomed staff. Our chefs take an innovative approach to playfully implementing a central theme to each menu to create a spread that would leave any gourmand thirsting for more. Each meal is produced with great attention to detail, using only the freshest, purest vegetarian ingredients available.


The “Amantran” Fine Dining Restaurant is the specific identity of the Resort with its Gujarati style. It has the capacity to cater an approx. 150 pax. Gives warm and cool feelings where one can have the cuisine comfortably in the Air-Conditioned pleasant atmosphere, where Multi cuisine food, like Indian, Chinese, Continental, Rajasthani, and Thai as well as food from all over the world are served by the professional's staff, in a professional manner.


We offer you the perfect ambience in culture & taste with princely hospitality. The restaurant ambience is decoder with the fascinating and breath-taking beauty paintings of the Rajasthani culture to essence the culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The food served in this dines is in Rajasthani tradition way i.e.: BAJOT STYLE. The traditionally dress Steward with turban on head greets you in traditional way and serves food stuffs like bajreki roti with DAL BAATI CHOORMA kheer, ker sangria, gutta curry, curry pakoda etc. with the spicy MIRCH TARPOLA Taste as their special preparation giving the feeling to enjoy the culture and blends the mood to give you pure satisfaction. Don’t wait to be here AAVO NI PADHARO MAHARE DESH.