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Every meal is an event.

Throughout the history of Sunrise Resort, dining has been one of the brightest highlights of the guest experience, and every meal is truly special, thanks to exceptional food, service and ambiance. A number of dining options are available, from the legendary Muskan Dine—which overlooks the Vegetarian food is served, Amantran Dine—Multi cuisine dine, Club Boom Town(Disco)—It is a disco where liquors are served, one can feel the beat of music played by DJ, Ananda Dine and Panjabi dhaba are the different themes of restaurant in the Resort.

Muskan Dine

A Fine Dinning (Veg Cuisine)

The place where MUSKAN glows on your face by diverse presentation of dishes in an artful manner. “MUSKAN” Vegetarian Restaurant caters the capacity an approx.80-100 pax. Attracts the attention of the entire guest specifically the vegetarian food lovers and health continues people from all over the world, who cares for their health. We specially takes care of the hygiene and accordingly gives the awareness to the well groomed staff.

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Amantran Dine

A Gujarat Traditional Dinning

The ”Amantran” Fine Dining Restaurant is thespecific identity of the Resort with its Gujarati style . It has the capacity to cater an approx. 150 pax. Gives warm and cool feelings where one can have the cuisine comfortably in the Air Conditioned pleasant atmosphere, where multi cuisine food, like Indian, Chinese, Continental, Rajasthani, and Thai as well as food from all over the world are served by the professionals staff, in a professional manner.

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Ananda Dine

A Tradition Rajasthani Cuisine

We offer you the perfect ambience in Culture & taste with Princely hospitality. The restaurant ambience is decoder with the fascinating and breath-taking beauty paintings of the rajasthani culture to essence the culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The food served in this dine is in Rajasthani tradition way ie: BAJOT STYLE. The traditionally dress Steward with turban on head greets you in traditional way.

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 Padmini Dine

A Mufti-Cuisine Dinning

An air –conditioned fine dinning with the capacity of 100 pax. The restaurant is of modern dinning decore with slight rajasthani touch, padmini offers you lavish variety of vegetarian and Non-Veg nutritious, healthy & tasty food to satiate your appetite & health.

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(SHER-E-PUNJAB) Panjabi Dhaba

A Punjabi Dhaba with Char Pai and Khatiya

The entire place has been done up in the form of a dhaba and gives you that ethinic feel the moment you step inside. An ensemble of artefacts like” Char Pai and Khatiya” (a bed made of jute ropes tied to a wooden panel with wooden raw plank table), hut Shaped restaurant, The floor is made up of wooden sheets. Grab your attention the moment you start making your way towards the khatiya.Food served in full rustic flavor... where you can just chill out.

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Gala Dinner

Jewel in the Crown of Sunrise

Memorable Gala Dinners aren't just about unbelievable food and wine but also an amazing atmosphere, great entertainment, stylish setting and, maybe most importantly, an outstanding venue Like Sunrise Health Resort. Sunrise offers you to choose an exclusive location out of the four lawns to have candle light dinner in open air, star lit night accompanied by moonlight which enhances your thrilling experience.

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