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Air Therapy

Air Therapy:

Earth has components and elements which are essential for a human body to function properly. One such element of earth is Air. The very element, Air is the most essential ones as through it a human is able to survive by breathing it in and out.

According to James C. Jackson, “Air is considered by us a sine qua non to restoration. It is so refreshing, so recuperative, so calculated to restore the body to healthful conditions, and so easily obtained, as to leave those who forbear to use it for the benefit of the sick without justification.”

In Air therapy, Air baths are provided to people in order to heal their health inside out. These sessions are done in the morning hours in order to breathe fresher air for treatment.

It is more of a disclosure of body to the whirling currents of moving air which helps in restoring balance in one’s body and helps relaxing mind.

Benefits of Air therapy:

Here are some benefits of Air therapy:


One of the most effective healing properties of Air Therapy is that it helps in strengthening the respiratory system.

All the exercises practiced in Air therapy are associated with lungs and breathing exercises. Fresh air helps not only lungs but skin also in taking in oxygen and throwing out carbon dioxide.  So it improves respiration with more efficiency.

Blood circulation:

Air therapy helps in improving blood circulation in body with better flow of oxygen in blood. All the exercises in Air therapy are related to respiratory system. The more the skin takes in fresh air the better the body gets support in working properly.

Releases Body toxins:

Another beneficial point of Air therapy is that it releases harmful waste and toxins from the body. The more the healthy skin is the more it will help in excretion of waste from the body.

With the help of Air therapy the toxins are removed from the body in the form of sweating which makes skin as well as body healthier.

Glowing Skin:

Air therapy heals the body in many ways by releasing toxins from the body. In this process, the clogged pores are opened and they relieve waste from it. This promotes healthy and glowing skin

Uplifts mood:

Fresh air is the best remedy for bad moods. Inhale some fresh air and you are good to go. It is common thing which people do.

This is same that happens in Air therapy too. After taking Air therapy a person feels light from inside and attains a state of calmness which further uplifts his/her mood.