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Chromo Therapy

Chromo Therapy:

Also known as color therapy, Chromo therapy is quite a different type of therapy in comparison to most of the therapies as it takes help of light in the form of color to restore the energy which is missing in a human body.

As per the beliefs of Chromo therapy, our body needs sunlight in order to live in a healthy way. The light of Sun can be divided into seven colors spectrum.

The colors associated with chromo therapy are:  Red, Strong Pink, Pink, Orange, Strong Yellow, Yellow, Green, Strong Green, Strong Blue, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Each color mentioned here has some kind of frequencies and vibrations that helps in healing a human body

With the help of these colors this therapy tends to restore the imbalance in the body, maintain harmony and treats a person mentally as well as physically.


Blood pressure:

With the help of the color Red in Chromo therapy, the pulse rates are increased. This is responsible for raising the blood pressure and increase the speed of breathing also.

This helps in providing support to the circulatory function and improves the nervous functions.


Chromo therapy is well known for its cleansing properties. By using color such as strong pink or pink in chromo therapy body can be cleansed naturally.

It also helps in strengthening veins, arteries and removing impurities from the blood.

Treats Asthma:

 In chromo therapy Color such as Orange, which is a mixture of red and yellow, is highly responsible for treating Asthma and Bronchitis.

It also helps in removing fat from the body.

Improves digestion function:

There are some colors used in Chromo therapy which are used for their properties of healing and improving the digestion system.

One such color which is used to improve digestion function is the color Yellow. It helps with indigestion as well as improves the nervous system.

It also helps in improving and purifying skin, boost metabolism and treat disorders related to lymphatic system.


There are some colors such as Green and Blue in Chromo therapy which are purely used for their calming properties.

These colors send frequencies and variations which helps a person to attain relaxation and calmness.

These colors are also responsible for relieving headaches, migraines, treating liver disorders, and muscle cramps.