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Hydro Therapy

Hydro Therapy:

Hydro Therapy is a specific type of therapy which is used to treat medical conditions such as arthritis, back pain, ankylosing, and spondylitis and so on.

Hydro therapy is relatively different from swimming therapy. The movements of hydro therapy are more controlled and relaxing in comparison to normal swimming exercises.

It does requires to perform certain type of exercises in water but the water temperature used in this therapy is around 33 to 36 degree Celsius which is relatively higher than the temperature of normal swimming pool water.

Hydro therapy helps an individual in many ways. Some of the benefits of Hydro therapy are as follows:

  • The water used in Hydro therapy is usually warm which helps in relaxation of muscles and tissues. This helps in reducing the pain in the joints and muscles due to which exercise can be done with greater impact and ease.
  • As you enter in water, you feel a bit light as it supports your weight. This helps you in making movements with ease and you can exercise better.
  • Water related exercises require a lot of effort. It provides opposition in moving of the joints. The movement of hands and legs are required continuously in water to do an extra effort in order to resist water. This can help in building the stamina and strength if practiced on a regular basis.
  • It relaxes your body as to exercise in water requires an extra effort. You can feel tired after doing hydro Therapy related exercises. But it will also promote better sleep as it relieves tension, stress and pain from your body.