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Nature is best healing substance to our skin and beauty.

And as per a saying “we are made up of  mitti (mud)”,                 "????????????, ???????????????"?

We mankind are connected to nature Earth, and all elements of nature play an essential role to our existence. The purity of all natural substances like minerals, soil, mud, water, air, space defines the healthiness of our livelihood.

In today’s era when all the substances are somehow or completely spoiled and polluted by human being, our heath also faces the consequences accordingly.

In ancient era when people were more connected to earth and nature, their life style was much healthier than we are living today.

They used to live a long life in comparison to us as they were less prone to small diseases and infections like we are today.

 In today’s stressful and busy life we forget to live a healthy way of life and eat mostly junk foods and packed food.

We are less connected to the natural substance than our ancestors used to be, and yes we can see the difference in the environment , in our skin, breathing system and overall nervous system also in comparison to the ancient era .

 We face several skin issues like skin diseases, infection due to pollution around us and the chemical products we use for skin care, anti-aging, skin lightening, detoxify the body and so on.

These chemical products give an immediate effect which seems like wonder but by the time the consequence also appear which make us unusual and then we have to choose these kind of products again and again.

The consumption of chemicals sometimes leads to skin cancer also and several types of infection and allergies are also introduced to our body.

In Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospital & Yoga Centre, we provide you the best environment and trained instructors, who have knowledge of how Mud therapy can help in skin care and instruct you how to keep you healthy.

Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospital & Yoga Center is surrounded by beautiful Aravalli ranges, which gives a wonderful view and peaceful experience to all its visitors.

 Wonderful surrounding, trained and certified instructors are best package to have an amazing and delighting therapy session as the mood and faith always boosts up the impact of any therapy.



Why Mud therapy?

In this non organic and so called modern era we are ruining our health with plastic packed food and chemically processed edible products.

People are now aware of consequence of this artificial life thus the trend of having organic and naturally processed edible and skin care products is in trend now.

When we are talking about skin care with natural products , the Mud therapy comes in limelight , which is nothing but a type of Ayurveda treatment which gives a detoxification effect to your skin.

 It has a soothing effect on the skin and recovers it from the damaged form which was the result from all harsh chemicals which has been used by you since  a long time.

Mud therapy re-establishes the natural you with all organic and chemical free products.

Mud therapy is useful in these followings:

  • Detoxifies your body and improves the digestive system.
  • Gives immense relaxation and acts as a medicine to your stress
  • Naturally conditions your hair and make your roots strong and hair shiny.
  • Skin refinement and allows your skin to be free from layers of chemical and  breath


In Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospital & Yoga Centre, our trained and certified experts of mud therapy, knows how mud therapy can be used to detoxify the impurities of your body and how the digestive system of a person can be improved naturally.

The absorption of mud on your body cools down the body temperature which not only removes the dead skin and tan from your body but removes the problems like heat stroke which is a resultant of summer heat.

This process give strength to metabolism and improve the circulation which is main substance of digestive issues. Hence the digestive issues also get cured with mud therapy.

In Mud therapy Multani mitti, is one of the most popular mud face packs used to treat such skin problems like tanning, dark spots, uneven skin ton, white spots etc.

With a concept of looking at your overall skin issues our experts and specialists here at Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospital & Yoga Centre provides best mud therapy sessions.

As  the mud (soil)when applied to our body it act as detoxifying agent by being absorbed in skin which cools down the body and absorb the harmful toxin present in body and remove those as well.

Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospital & Yoga Centre is one of the most trusted and best mud therapy centre across the country as we offer the best service to our clients. 

Do you want a soothing, calming  and rejuvenating effect on your skin and body?

If yes, then don’t waste your time and book your Mud therapy session now at Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospital & Yoga Centre today and discover the new you!

Experience blissful therapies in the lap of nature at Sunrise Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Hospital & Yoga centre.

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