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Popularly known as Zone therapy, Reflexologyis a type of alternative medical practice which focuses on applying pressure on some specific points on the feet and hands in order to have some positive changes in the body.

Oil or lotion is not used while applying pressure on hands and feet in this therapy.

This therapy is based on the principle of “system of zones” which precisely means that there are certain zones on hands and feet of a human body which are responsible for bringing change in a human body if adequate amount of pressure is applied on those zones.

Reflexology therapies are beneficial in reducing pain, headaches, stress and boosting energy levels, metabolism in a person. There are several other benefits of Reflexology. Some of them are:


Reflexology therapy works on cleaning the neural pathways which further floods the nervous system in our body.

This leads to delivering a state of relaxation in our body. When body reaches at such a state of relaxation then it improves a person’s mental state and improves sleep too.

Nervous system:

As pet science, there are more than 7000 nerve ending in a human beings feet which directly connects them to different parts of the body.

Reflexology therapy applies pressure on these nerves to treat the body. It maintains the flexibility of the organs by opening and cleaning these types of neural pathways.

These neural passageways should be kept active and clean in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Blood circulation:

Improving blood circulation is one of the most prominent benefits of reflexology. As the blood circulation increases in our body oxygen along with blood also starts to cycle in a more efficient way.

This leads to increasing of metabolism and organs also starts working in a better way. He damaged cells in the body are removed through this process and it also promotes in creating new cells.

Body Toxins:

We have already discussed that how Reflexology helps in improving the circulation of blood in the body. With this the bladder function in the body starts to work more efficiently.

This eliminates and relieves all types of toxins, harmful wastes and poisons from the body which further helps body in fighting against various kinds of diseases.

Menstruation and Pregnancy:

Women across the globe suffer a lot of pain and discomfort during their menstruation cycle and pregnancy.

Reflexology is of great help for women in recovering from post-partum depression which women usually face during labor.

Reflexology can help women in recovering from depression, anxiety and stress faster and boosts the metabolic activities too.