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Swimming Therapy

Swimming Therapy:

Swimming therapy or Aquatic therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on the healing process by practicing a set of exercises in the water.

Many injured persons are not able to perform exercises well sand this is the reason why they don’t get better in time.

People suffering from arthritis can definitely be treated well with the help of swimming exercises. The exercises practiced in water are to be done in a more controlled way so that it helps in improving the person more efficiently.

Water temperature plays a major role in Swimming therapy as it is prepared as per the requirements for treating the injury.

Swimming therapy helps in reducing pain caused due to disorders such as arthritis, treats insomnia, helps in promoting weight loss, relieves tension and heals injuries too. 

Some of the major benefits of Swimming therapy are as follows:


Warm water used in Aquatic or Swimming therapy helps in relaxation of muscles and tissues. This helps a person to exercises well as a person can move his/her limbs in a better way. And through this a person can reduce pain and feel more relaxed.

Ease in exercise:

Water has buoyancybecause of which when you enter in water, a person feels lighter as water tends to supports body weight. This helps you in making movements more comfortably. With the support of water a person can exercise with ease.


Exercising under water requires greater efforts as water has resistance.  It provides resistance even in simple movement of the joints. The movement of hands and legs are required continuously in water to do an extra effort in order to resist water. A person can improve strength by practicing it daily.

Reduces swelling:

Swimming therapy is a great way of exercising as when exercises are performed on the ground then there are chances of swelling in legs and hands but you won’t face such problem when performing exercise in water with full control. It further helps in reducing swelling in joints.